Burisma wasn't just paying off the Bidens. Ex-CIA directors are also on the payroll – Flopping Aces

This is a way underreported story.

It was Antony Blinken, the limp wristed Secretary of State who bends over for all US adversaries while calling it a success, who reached out to ex-CIA Director Mike Morrell to cobble together a group of “intelligence experts” who would sign a false statement calling the Hunter Biden laptop “Russian disinformation” so Biden could use it a hammer to pound Donald Trump in their debate. Morrell was eager to help. After all, he was motivated to do so. Financially motivated.

In 2017 the thinktank Atlantic Council signed an agreement with Burisma despite knowing it was corrupt.

The Atlantic Council began working in early 2017 with Burisma Holdings, even though a director at the prominent think tank expressed “uneasiness” regarding the Ukrainian energy firm in an email to a State Department official.

The Board of the Atlantic Council has some pretty interesting characters.

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