The Biden Criminal Cabal – Nearing The Event Horizon – Flopping Aces

Well, democrats didn’t see that coming.

Each democrat on the House panel opened with their faux effort at “The you for your service” just before launching into either an attempt smear or demean the agents or mount the horse of distraction and ride like the wind. The IRS agents were bulletproof with integrity and Ziegler had a showstopper up his sleeve.

Not only is he a democrat, he’s gay! And maybe even Jewish! Yet even that still didn’t stop the execrable Jamie Raskin from attempting to dismiss Ziegler’s efforts. Raskin has taken on the Adam Schiff role of being the designated scumbag liar for this scandal.

There was a ton of whataboutism sprinkled with racism. None of it stuck. Kweisi Mfume seemed to become increasingly enraged as more and more truth emerged. Of course, anything that doesn’t go the way democrats is inherently racist. Mfume than dropped a stupid bomb having the equivalent of 20,000 tons of Hank Johnson:

Rep Kweisi Mfume (D-MD) just said one of the most disturbing and insane things a member of Congress has ever said: “The DOJ, FBI, and IRS keep this democracy in check [and] provide the checks and the balances.”

Newly minted children of the DNC Corn also were eager to establish their capacity for deceit:

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