The Know Nothing President

Joe Biden has said repeatedly that he has never talked to his son, Hunter, about his business dealings. The obvious question is, why not? If his son is making millions of dollars legitimately in international business, wouldn’t it only make sense for his father to ask him about his business? Wouldn’t every father be interested in his son’s extremely successful career? It is not like Joe Biden and Hunter are estranged. They’re seen together all the time. There are pictures all over the internet of Joe and Hunter boarding Air Force One and Air Force Two together. They are seen yucking it up a basketball games with President Obama, out to dinner together, attending events together, staying in the same house, yet Joe Biden claims that he never spoke to Hunter about his business. Never. Not even once? Not one word? Why not?

Joe has said Hunter is “the smartest guy I know”, and he supposedly is a highly successful international businessman making millions of dollars, but Joe never asked him about his business. Every other father in the world would talk to their son about their business, but we’re supposed to believe that for some reason Joe was not interested at all, not curious, doesn’t care about what Hunter does for a living. That preposterous claim is an admission that Joe knew that Hunter was committing crimes in his business. When someone goes to great lengths to give himself plausible deniability of crimes, it means he knows something illegal is occurring. He does not want to know about it, so he doesn’t have to lie. It’s like Sargeant Schultz in the old TV show, Hogan’s Heroes. “I see nothing. I know nothing.” So, Joe’s statement claiming to have never spoken to Hunter about his business dealings means that Joe knew that Hunter’s business dealings were illegal. And if Joe tried to talk to Hunter about his business and Hunter refused to tell Joe anything to protect him, then that should have been further evidence to Joe that Hunter was acting criminally.

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Posted by juddgarrett

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