Chronic Resistance to Healing – Even Lyme – Finds Promise in the Biofield

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Chronic Resistance to Healing – Even Lyme – Finds Promise in the Biofield

Margaret Beam – Founder, Tuning into Life,



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The chemical drug model in mainstream health care has stood helpless as chronic disease rose from 10% in 1990 to over 50% by 2010.  Humans are rediscovering natural alternatives that heal root causes, not just smother symptoms.  This search for complementary therapies for hard-to-solve ailments has led some patients to energy healing, aka “frequency medicine” – today’s hottest and most promising therapy.

Every experience, memory, emotion, etc. you’ve ever experienced is present and accessible in your biofield. Ideally, your biofield flows freely and coherently around you.  Fear, though, can cause it to be blocked. Using the power of intention, along with the help of specialized tools, we can find and remove those blocks. It’s a powerful tool in the healing process and uncovering the beautiful you that you were meant to be.

Biofield therapy is used to direct the subtle energy systems of the body.  A 2015 report indicates that biofield therapies have helped hospitalized and ambulatory patients ease movement restrictions and chronic pain. More than 1.6 million American adults undergo energy healing (biofield therapy) at least once a year.

When Margaret suffered from Lyme disease, she believed she would be struggling for the rest of her life. It wasn’t until she started working on her negative thinking, including depressive and toxic thoughts, blocked energy patterns, and emotional triggers, that she began to heal. Now Margaret helps others who are ready to remove these barriers to healing so they can feel great, using biofield tuning, mindset coaching, and emotional healing tools.

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