Getting Easier Access to a PRIVATE (and better) Physician



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Getting Easier Access to a PRIVATE (and better) Physician

Donovan Miske – CEO, American College of Private Physicians

With doctors looking for an out from stultifying employment in hospital systems and the one-size-doesn’t-fit-all standards of care required by the profit-centric insurance networks, they are dipping their toes into the “direct payment” waters – where they can freely deliver the care their patients need.  

Once they are freed from having to rush patients through appointments or stretch the truth for a diagnosis guaranteeing sufficient payment for their effort, doctors in cash arrangements can restore the art of medicine and allow customers as much time as they need to help facilitate their healing process.

Using his experience at Kona Medical Consulting to help physicians better operate private practices, Mr. Miske will describe the impressive growth of the ACPP and how it supports this direct payment movement and ever-improving primary care.  He will also describe the merger of older, Concierge Primary Care models for well-off Americans, with the middle-class gift of Direct Primary Care – and the degree to which they merge the status quo reliance on insurers, with an absolute reliance on the market. 

Unfortunately, Republicans have excluded health care from their list of promised reforms, and Democrats can’t seem to grow beyond a reliance on the government to solve problems it only thus far has exacerbated. 

Direct doctor payment is a market workaround for a system distorted by politics.  Will patients continue to get hurt and spit out by a massively broken healthcare system?  Or will private, direct-pay physicians be the better path into the future?

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