The "Clinton Campaign Plan" To Frame Trump – No One Other Than The Obama White House, FBI, CIA, and DOJ Knew There Was Such "A Thing" in July 20

On July 5, 2016, James Comey announced that “no reasonable prosecutor” would have brought charges against Hillary Clinton for the conduct the FBI uncovered with respect to her mishandling of classified information while she was Secretary of State. But that announcement did not exonerate her of the criminal acts. Senior members of the Clinton Campaign team knew they needed to alter the public debate, not simply ignore what Comey had said about her illegal conduct.

To accomplish that goal, the presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party in the 2016 Presidential Election approved and put into motion a preconceived plan to falsely claim a connection existed between the campaign of Donald Trump and the Russian Government of Vladimir Putin for the purpose of distracting attention away from her federal crimes.

This should be the “top line” takeaway from the Durham Report but it’s almost like the “fact” that the Clinton Campaign was behind what followed has been so well established on a variety of levels for years that it just doesn’t qualify as a shocking revelation any longer.

The Durham Report provides much more evidence regarding what he called the “Clinton Campaign Plan” — “CCP” seems like an appropriate acronym — from an interesting perspective. He reviews it as an example of the disparate treatment of former President Trump from the standpoint of comparing the FBI’s response to “intelligence” about the existence of the CCP on the one hand, and the FBI’s response to “intelligence” about the existence of a connection between Trump and Russia on the other.

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