Cult of Personality

On MSNBC, last week, former Rep. Liz Cheney said, “The party[Republican] has become seized by a cult of personality,” referring to Donald Trump, and then went on to compare Trump to dictatorial leaders in the former Soviet Union. Once again, Cheney and never-Trumpers fail to understand Donald Trump and his supporters. It is the exact opposite of a cult of personality. Most of Trump’s supporters do not love his personality; they are not enamored by him as a person. In fact, they cringe at some of his tweets and shake their heads at some of his outrageous statements. They support Donald Trump because they support his policies. Trump puts America first. He loves America as much as his voters love America. And that is the basis of his support. If every politician who is running for President put America first, the way Donald Trump does, Trump would be running in single digits. But he’s the only one. 

 Barack Obama has an unbelievable public personality. He’s very articulate, charismatic, cool, gives great speeches, but his policies were disastrous for America. Higher taxes, more regulations, government control of healthcare, disastrous foreign policy, started 5 wars in the Middle East, expanded our involvement in the Afghanistan war, spied on his political opponents, weaponized the intelligence agencies against citizens, sold America out to China, race baiting, class warfare, division. If it was all about personality with Trump supporters, then Trump supporters would be Obama supporters. They aren’t because they hated what Obama was doing to America. 

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Posted by juddgarrett

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