Threat to Democracy

We’ve heard it for the last several years; Donald Trump is a threat to democracy; MAGA Republicans are a threat to democracy; voter ID is a threat to democracy; Vladimir Putin is a threat to democracy; not increasing the debt limit is a threat to democracy. Everything is a threat to Democracy, except for the actual threats to our Democracy.

The long-awaited, 316-page Durham report was released earlier this week, and it shows that in 2016 not only did the Clinton campaign work with the FBI to thwart the investigation into the Clinton Foundation illegally taking in hundreds of millions of dollars of campaign contributions from foreign countries, but also colluded together to falsely tie Donald Trump to Russia based on manufactured evidence. FBI also offered to pay Russian spy, Christopher Steele $1 million for anti-Trump evidence, and paid him despite knowing his information was false. In 2016, former FBI director John Brennan briefed President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden that Hilary Clinton was planning to falsely link Trump to Russia, and both Obama and Biden went right along with it and did nothing to stop it. 

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